20 August 2018|08 Dhul Hijjah 1439

The Arafah Khutbah 1439 was delivered by Dr Husain Abdul Aziz Aal as Sheikh

Here are the points mentioned in the Khutbah: 

Whoever fears Allah will be successful and whoever fears Allah will be rightly guided

Allah says fear Allah; perhaps you will be successful Worship Allah and Fear him. That is better for you if only you know

Allah says in the Quran; “We have only created man and jinn to worship Me”

Every Ambiyaa came with the message of tauheed, Ebrahim, Moosa, Muhammad SAW etc. Every Nabi told their nations, Oh my nations only worship Allah, you will attain piety

The exclusive Tauheed that that the prophets A.S called to is to only worship one Allah.Whatever bounties come to you, is from Allah

Allah sent the Quran to take people out of darkness into light, and Rasul SAW was sent to all mankind as a warner and one who gives glad tidings

Oh believers Allah Gives Glad tidings with a great bounty. Whoever performs Salaah and does good actions they will be in a place with rivers (Jannah)

The deen has pillars, the kalimah, salaah, sawn, zakaat and hajj if are able to. The exclusive Tauheed that that the prophets A.S called to is to only worship one Allah whatever bounties come to you, is from Allah

Establish salaah, give sadaqa, seaking Allah’s Pleasure, obey Allah & Rasul, you will be successful

Nabi SAW said take from me the rights and actions of Hajj. He said if you love Allah, follow me. Allah will love you and forgive your sins

Nabi SAW had beautiful Character. Ayesha (ra) said Nabi SAW’s character was the Quran. Shaykh speaks about the importance of having good Akhlaaq

The best amongst you is he with the best of Akhlaaq

The nation of Islam is one nation upon one book and one Sunnah, they follow one Allah and One Nabi, and they follow one book, and they pray in one direction. And they help each other with justice and brotherhood

Say kind words to people. Be truthful in your actions and speak. Oh you who believe, speak the truth and be amongst the truthful. Fulfill your pledges

Each pledge is a responsibility worship Allah and be kind to your parents and to your close and far neighbours

Allah says don’t even say ‘ooff; to your parents. Do not argue with them. Say to them kind words

Live in the best way with your women Nabi SAW advised us to be kind to our womenfolk. Indeed the Mercy of Allah is with those who do good

Stay away from cheating and short weighing Allah orders you to fulfill the amanah

Oh Muslims hasten towards the Forgiveness of Allah. Allah loves those who are good

Allah opened the doors of Taubah. Indeed Allah is the one who forgives those who beg Him for it. We are in the season of Taubah

It is narrated in Muslim, There is no other day that Allah Frees people’s necks from the fire than this day.

Stay away from looking down at others. The Quran is a Guide for one who is firm

Be true to your financial dealings, Allah has made cheating and gambling Haraam

Return the property of others

Oh you who believe, Obey Allah and His Rasul SAW and those who have authority over you

Command good and prevent evil

Nabi SAW has said in the final sermon all aspects of ignorance has been wiped out

Dr Husain addresses the Ulamah and parents: It is upon us to establish good character amongst the people and hold onto the Quran and Sunnah and hope for the best of ending to your life

Increase in making dua to Allah. Make dua for those who have a right over you, and the Ummah at large.

Dr Husain Abdul Aziz Aal as Sheikh makes dua for the king

Shaykh makes dua for the Hujjaj: Oh Allah Accept the hajj of the Hujaaj. Make it easy on them. Return them to their lands safely. Fulfill their needs. Instill love between the ummah.

Protect the Ummah in their homelands. Guide us to the best of Character

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